10.5.2023 Klo 17-21
Kuopio, KPY Novapolis CoWork, Microkatu 1M

Kyberuhat ja varautuminen nyt

Yrityksille ja tietoturva-alasta kiinnostuneille

Milloin: 10.5. Klo 17-21

Paikka: Kuopio, KPY Novapolis / CoWork

Tervetuloa KuoSec Ry:n järjestämään vuosittaiseen tietoturvatapahtumaan Savon pääkaupunkiin. SavoSec kokoaa tietoturva-alan asiantuntijat, opiskelijat ja yritysten edustajat keskustelemaan tietoturvakentän viimeaikaisesta kehityksestä.

Tapahtuma tarjoaa alan asiantuntijoiden katsauksen kyberturvallisuuden kenttään ja lisää ymmärrystä keberuhkiin varautumisesta. Voit seurata puheenvuoroja myös etänä; ilmoittaudu paikan päälle pe 5.5. mennessä. Tapahtuma on maksuton. Tervetuloa!

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Savosec 2023 Stream

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 Aino Kivilahti

 Security consultant

Aino is a hacker, security consultant, rock climber and a sock potato. Aino believes that a curious mindset towards the world will yield interesting results. Her passion is drilling down to technical details to see what makes systems tic and translating the findings into human-readable format for others.

She wants to make the connection between usability and security stronger, since her firm believe is that only by understanding the behavior of end users can we provide them with working solutions.

 Benjamin Särkkä


Benjamin is a hacker with an inquisitive mind. He strives to understand the root cause of problems and feels passionate about helping others succeed.

He has lectured at universities, starred in the hit show Team Whack, founded the Disobey organisation, worked as the Cyber Security director for a publicly listed company and helped build an incident response team for the largest financial player in the Nordics.

Benjamin was selected as the 2020 TiVi IT Influencer of the year in Finland, and feels that securing enterprises is more about understanding the basics and having good it-hygiene than the AI-blockchain-hypebeast.

Coming from humble beginnings he donates some of his time to volunteering and helping the underprivileged.

 Juho Juopperi


Juho is a hacker, a dad and an entrepreneur. He is interested in architecture and workings of technical systems and organizations alike.

He is a co-founder of Kapsi ry, founded an IT services company Remod and done consulting work around software, cyber security, cryptography and web3.

Juho has participated in many cyber defence exercises either as a participant or an organizer and wants to help more people get onboard.

 Marcus Söderblom


Marcus is a cybersecurity professional with nearly 25 years of technical, administrative and commercial experience from international business and also entrepreneurship. In cybersecurity he has spent over 13 years. Marcus is highly passionate about cybersecurity and has always a thirst for knowledge and a will to learn more.

Back in 2020 Marcus co-formed the Blue Team Builders (BTB) pro bono community which focuses on building and presenting various kind of different security related projects. The aim of the BTB group is to promote awareness of various Free or Open Source information security Systems and applications (FOSS).

Marcus's mobile security related Finnish web site ( was the most searched mobile security related web site in all the major search engines including Finnish Google between 2010 - 2021.

Marcus is also a member of Finnish Information Processing Association (FIPA) and has participated multiple times as a pro bono advisor in various cybersecurity events and projects.


Virvokkeita ja verkostoituminen

Klo 17:00

Tilaisuuden avaus.

Klo 17:30

Benjamin Särkkä

Post Reality World:

As technology is more prevalent than ever the frontier of reality has shifted. This poses new problems for Security and society as what can be trusted is hard to identify.

Klo 17:40

Aino Kivilahti

Everything is an injection:

Ok ok not everything, but many things are. Let’s discuss how streamlining our thought process when looking for system’s soft spots can make us better hackers!

Klo 18:25

Tauko: virvokkeita ja verkostoituminen

Klo 19:10

Juho Juopperi

Cyber Defence Exercises: 

How do we train and how's that different from everyday IT? Experiences from Finland winning the NATO Locked Shields 2022, national MPK exercises in Finland and how to get onboard.

Klo 19:30

Marcus Söderblom

Customer case story: 

Red Teaming security assesment in an international retail chain store.

Klo 20:15

Verkostoitumista ja virvokkeita

Jatkopaikkana toimii olut ja viiniravintola Malja. Ohjelmassa on rentoa verkostoitumista ja ilmaista pizzaa.

Klo 21:00